Jerry D. Young's Survival Fiction Library: Book Seven: The Keys




Jerry D. Young's Survival Fiction Library: Book Seven: The Keys to the Kingdom

by Jerry D. Young

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Kevin Crain was tired. He’d lived a long, healthy, productive life. Part of Tom Brokaw’s “Greatest Generation”, he’d done his part in World War II, and then again in Korea. He matured during the Cold War. He’d seen a couple of the atomic bomb tests first hand and knew the destruction that would come with all-out war. By the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis, he was a dedicated Survivalist, before the term became known, well before it became a dirty word. Too old for Viet Nam, Kevin used the power of his vote to make changes he thought needed for the US to continue as the leader of the free world.And kept an eye on the changing world situation. Several times he went on personal alert, ready to take his family into the extensive blast and fallout shelter in the backyard, just as he had when Kennedy backed Khrushchev down. The Cold War seemed to have ended without a nuclear exchange. But Kevin knew his history. And his motto was “It’s a matter of when, not if,” when it came to being prepared. As his children grew up, survivalism was becoming widespread, and unfortunately taking on the dirty definition of a militant, pro-religion, cultist, anti-government force to be shunned and destroyed in any way possible. Never one to speak of his extensive plans that predated the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kevin made his move to the Missouri Ozarks as a simple retirement move, so he could do a little hunting, boating, fish the local lakes and rivers, and do a little talking on the ham bands, during his ‘declining’ years. He considered himself lucky when it came to his financial security. But he’d been just as observant in the late forties and early fifties as he was now. Kevin invested early in Intel and Microsoft, simply to hedge his bets. It paid off big time.
He looked at his family fondly one Christmas at the Ozark Homestead. All three of his children had done well for themselves, under his tutelage. His seven grandkids had grown up the same way. They were book smart, but they were also savvy, with a lot of good common ‘horse’ sense. Kevin decided that he would give his great-grandkids the best gift he could, before his death. He decided to become a farmer slash rancher. One of what would be termed ‘Green’ several years later. Farmers that gave back to the land as much as they took from it, and provided the best food at the best prices possible in the modern world of the fast approaching new Millennium. At least, he was a farmer and rancher in name. The actuality of it was he was preparing a self-sufficient retreat that would serve his family and heirs for generations to come. He thoughtfully cached resources in various locations on his property, many behind well-hidden locked doors. He carefully placed the key to each of these doors on a special key ring that he kept on his person. One day, his heirs would inherit these keys...the keys to his kingdom...and maybe just the keys to their own survival as well. 171bf2437f



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Jerry D. Young's Survival Fiction Library: Book Seven: The Keys to the Kingdom Jerry D. Young


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